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Creative specialists at the jury of the Drac Novell International

The organization of the Drac Novell International has announced the jury that will make up the XXI edition of the awards, which will be held on November 29 and 30 at this university. The jury is divided according to the different categories.

In the category ‘24 hours of creativity’ the jury is formed by Lourdes García, managing partner of the OHMM Agency; Alfonso Pena, general director of l’Associació Empresarial de Publicitat; Andreu Barrabino, former Director of Advertising Studies and Public Relations; Rebeca Pardo, photography professor; Alfonso Freire, director of the Advertising and Public Relations studies; Arnau Peidró, creative director at McCann Health Barcelona, and Marketing responsible for the Casa Mas sponsorship.

‘Human Values CEU’ is the new category created by our university, which is the reason why the jury is composed by different teachers from the center and two students: Swen Seebach, director of the International Relations service; Ana Berian, general secretary and professor of Advertising; Alfonso Freire, director of Advertising and Public Relations studies; Núria Gómez, professor of Catalan philology; Carlos Infante and Llívia Desodad, third-year students of Advertising and Public Relations.

Those responsible for assessing the rest of the categories are Alex Martínez, former creative general director of JWT; Alfredo Binefa, creative director of Pavlov; and Jaume Peris, creative director of Quin Team. The members have been selected by the Associació Empresarial de Publicitat by their professional career.

The Drac Novell Internacional is the only festival in the world dedicated exclusively to students and graduates in advertising or communication. They are prizes promoted by the Business Association of Advertising, the Generalitat de Catalunya and Complot Escuela de Creatividad.

Our university, that organized the 2004 edition, will be in charge of the next two editions, to put at the disposal of the contest the different classrooms for the workshops and the Aula Magna for the celebration of the awards ceremony.
By Andrea Del Barco.


By Andrea del Barco, Journalism student

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