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This master's degree has as a goal the practical training of specialists in the Business Consulting field.

Master in Business Consulting
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Master's degree in Business Consulting

Academic Area

Business and Economics

Length / Credits

10 months




Blended learning

Organised with
Student profile

Graduates in Business Management, bachelors and graduates in Economics, bachelors and graduates in Actuarial and Financial Sciences, Commerce Professors and graduates in Sciences that are high qualified to reach a master’s level in advanced auditing and accounting.

Admission and Enrolment

Enrolment application via website, sending of the documents and formalisation of admission at the University.

Calendar and timetables

From October to July. Friday from 15.00 h to 21.00 and Saturday from 9.00 h to 15.00 h.

Academic Calendar

Organised with the Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Catalunya.

Why study at the UAO CEU?

1. Innovation

The master's degree in Business Consulting is born with the main goal to provide the required tools to be able to help the client companies to detect their weaknesses and provide the optimal solution in their business and strategic development. This master's degree the strategic, international and innovative vision of the business organisations to be able to have a complete vision of the company, to understand that all strategic decision must align with the global strategy of the company growth and, in addition, do it innovatively.

2. Adaptation

Currently, the pace of the changes has considerably increased and organisations must adapt to new competitive scenarios to be able to apply efficiently new business models. For these reasons, these changes in the organisations must come from an expert committee in order to evaluate the risks and the advantages of the changes. In this context, professionals must rapidly react to changes and made decisions adapted to the new company needs, while creating value for stakeholders of the organisation.

3. Professional development

The main objective of this master's degree is to provide the students with the knowledge and abilities required to efficiently develop the roles, activities and tasks done by the strategical business consultants. It is important that our students achieve the main competences for the correct professional development in the business consultant sector in the different subjects that form this programme.

4. Faculty

The faculty is composed by prestigious experts and professionals with a wide professional in business consulting, with a global and current vision of the business reality.

5. Employability

The average work placement rate is 95% in the postgraduate studies of the CEU.

6. Information resources

The Library Service is conceived as a support unit for study and research. Its most important objective is to meet the educative and scientific demands. It has convenient opening hours, including weekends, with the best computer equipment. In addition, the UAO CEU offers to all the University community a vast digital storage, with free access to its publications from its docent, research or institutional activities carried out by teachers, students or former students from the University.


Study plan

Part I

  • Business Consultancy: Introduction and Consulting Project

    • The consulting service
    • The consulting service
    • Strategies and organisations of the consulting firm
    • The information systems of the consulting firm
    • How to carry out a consultancy project
  • Strategic Business Management

    • Business strategy and strategic planning: concepts
    • Strategic Diagnostic
    • Strategy preparation
    • Strategy implementation
    • Growing policy and business development
  • Legal Business Environment

    • Introduction
    • Basic law fundamentals
    • Industrial and intellectual property
    • Safety and data protection

Part II

  • Finances and Accountability

    • The economic and financial structure of the company
    • Economic and financial analysis
    • Valuation and funding
    • Analysis of the financial accounting information systems
    • Investment and risk analysis
    • Accounting consolidation
    • New funding sources
  • Business taxation

    • Introduction to the fiscal area and revision of the taxable event
    • The taxpayer and the responsibilities of the taxes
    • Tax system: VAT
    • Tax system: corporation tax
    • Tax system: PIT
    • Tax system: other taxes: Tax on Capital Transfers and Tax on Inheritances and Gifts
    • End of the Financial Year
    • Yearly news 2017
  • New Trends in Marketing

    • Management and planning of Marketing Strategies
    • Market research and demand segmentation
    • Optimisation of social network
    • Marketing Intelligence
  • Strategic Commercial Management

    • Management and planning of Commercial Strategies
    • Commercial negotiation techniques
    • Management of the sales network
  • Operations and Logistics

    • Flexible systems of operations
    • Logistics: optimisation of the processes
    • Optimisation of the supply chain
    • E-logistics strategies


Part III

  • Management Control

    • Management Control: introduction
    • Cost systems
    • Control and management of amortisations
    • Financial planning
    • Planning and execution of the budgetary process
    • Internal management chart
    • Design and establishment of comprehensive systems of internal management in the methodology COSO
    • Deviation analysis
    • Methodologies and permanent auto evaluation systems of risks and control
  • Business Valuation

    • Introduction to business valuation
    • Valuation methods
    • Introduction to valuation. Internships
  • New trends in HR

    • Organisational design
    • Managerial abilities and competences (I)
    • Managerial abilities and competences (II)
    • Talent and work teams management (I)
    • Talent and work teams management (II)
  • Digital Transformation

    • Digital strategic definition
    • Digital business
    • Organisational models and global vision
    • Trends and innovation
  • Project Management

    • Strategic management of projects and the company
    • Cost and deadline of the project
    • Project quality
    • Project funding
    • Risk of the project
    • Project sales


Part IV

  • Business Intelligence and Data Management

    • Danger and risks: futures are built
    • Intelligence cycle
    • Data Management and Business Analytics
    • Support systems for decision making
    • CRM and Business Intelligence
  • Internationalisation of companies

    • Analysis of the economic environment and business management for internationalisation
    • International marketing
    • Cross cultural management
    • International finances
    • Foreign currencies and international payment methods
  • CSR and Business Ethics

    • Design of strategies of CSR
    • CSR management
    • Design of strategies of business ethics
    • Management of business ethics


Part V and VI

  • Final Master's Dissertation
  • Business internships




The classes of the master's degree in Business Consulting are taught by well-known experts and professionals that have a wide teaching and/or professional experience, and have been choosen for their prestige and specialisation in the consulting field:


  • Santi Román. Management of Digital Projects. IESE Business School – Universidad de Navarra.
  • Eric Monsó. Manager of the group of Transaction Services of the financial sector of the PwC in Barcelona. Graduated in Business Management.
  • Jordi Prat. International expansion manager at iSMG. Graduated in Business Management.
  • Patricia Daura. Associate Manager of Auditoría Contable Financiera Económica, S.L. Universitat de Barcelona.
  • José Maria Rojí. CMS Albiñana Suarez de Lezo. Arbitration Court of Barcelona, ESADE Business & Law School.
  • Sergi Mussons. Associate consultant at QRM Institute. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Jordi Badal. CFO at the Catalan Agency News. IESE Business School – Universidad de Navarra
  • Lorenzo Muriel. Coach of the programme "Peso y Salud" at Quirónsalud. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Marc Bara. Director of Master in Project Management, EAE Business School, Barcelona. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • José Luis del Olmo. Manager of postgraduate degree at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU. PhD in Commercialisation and Market Research from the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.
  • Ramón Soldevila. PhD in Economical and Business SciencesTeacher of Accounting and Account Auditing at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU
  • Jordí Martí. PhD in Economical Sciences. Accounting teacher of the Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Casilda Güell. University Lecturer & Academic Director. London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Joan Fontrodona. Professor of Business Ethics at IESE Business School. IESE Business School – Universidad deNavarra
  • Jorge Hinojosa.Senior Manager responsible of the department of Corporate Treasury of EY in Barcelona. Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles de Madrid (IEB).




Students obtain the title of Master in Business Consulting from the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU in collaboration with the Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Catalunya.

This master's degree is an answer to a growing demand of the sector and, therefore, generates a great interest because of the subjects it covers, which are very diverse but with a clear teaching purpose.

For this reason, the natural career for this master's degree is aimed at Business Consulting, where our students will be able to implement the tools and knowledge acquired during the programme.


The Col·legi -which was created on the 28th of June of 1995, by unanimous agreement of the Parliament of Catalonia, by means of the Law 7/1995, recovering the institution already created on 1932 as "Col·legi de Comptadors Jurats de Catalunya"- is a Catalan corporation of public law, that gathers professionals with the title of Chartered Certified Accountant who can carry out their professional activity in Catalonia, and which includes auditing.

The main objective of the Col·legi is the defence of the interests of this profession, watching over the professional activity of the collegiate members to answer the needs of society, guaranteeing a good practice and the code of ethics of the professionals.

In conclusion, the goal of both institutions is to develop professionals that change society challenging the status quo with science and social sense.


Prices and scholarships




Once you have made a reservation, the payment of the rest of the registration fee can be carried out in one of the following methods:

single payment

This method involves a 3% discount on the enrolment fees.

instalment payment

50% at the time of enrolment and 50% in January.

monthly payment

10 instalments with special financing at 0% interest with Banc Sabadell (Check opening charges).

other payment methods

With Banco Santander, "la Caixa", Catalunya Caixa, BBVA and Banc Sabadell. This method also involves a 3% discount on the enrolment fees.


This master's degree meets the criteria to be reimbursed by the Fundación Tripartita (State Foundation for the formation in occupation). For more information on the discount procedure for companies, please ask the Student Service when fulfilling the enrolment process.

The Agency of Management of Research and University Grants (AGAUR) of the Generalitat de Catalunya also offers preferential loans for enrolment fees. The application can be carried out on the internet, on the website of AGAUR. Students of the master's degree may process their scholarship and/or grant application once they have paid the enrolment fee within the established deadline on the admission calendar. For more information on grants and scholarships, please check the section "Ayudas al estudio" on the Spanish version of the website of the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.

Postgraduate and University Extension
Bellesguard, 30. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 253 72 03

Quality and regulations


Students wishing to apply for the official master’s degree in Business Consulting must have a Spanish degree or advanced course (general degree, degree or honours degree) or a foreign degree (equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in the Anglo-Saxon system).

This master's degree is especially aimed at graduates in Business Management, graduates in Economy, graduates in Actuarial and Financial Sciences, Business Experts and diploma holders of Business Sciences.

This programme aims to provide to all of them an advanced knowledge level related to Business Consulting that makes their professional activity and progress easier.


The main objective of this master's degree is to provide the students with the knowledge and abilities required to efficiently develop the roles, activities and tasks done by the strategical business consultants.

It is important that our students achieve the main competences for the correct professional development in the business consultant sector in the different subjects that form this programme.

Specific objectives

  • To provide the students common and updated knowledge of the organisations and their functioning.
  • To revise the future trends and improvements in the management fields.
  • To consolidate the personal skills to be able to carry out an optimal management of the relationship with the client.
  • To achieve the leadership and team management skills.
  • To provide the participants solid business training, highlighting the latest trends and changes in the business management field.
  • Acquiring the competences to respond to new challenges created with new legislation in the auditing and accounting areas, taking an account the economic status for each period in which the entity is going through.
  • To acquire key knowledge and develop essential competences to strategically manage the business activity.