Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching

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Master’s in Sports Psychology and Coaching
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Master’s in Sports Psychology and Coaching

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6 months




Blended learning



Student profile 

People interested in the world of sports psychology and sports coaching .

Admissions and enrolment

Application via website, submission of documentation and formalisation of admission at the University.

Calendar and timetables

From November to June. Thursdays 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Introduction, subjects and profile

1. Introduction

In the modern sporting world, the increase in the technical and physical level of athletes and the evolution of the standard of competition mean that, in many cases, the psychological aspects relating to the attitude, mentalisation, thoughts, emotions and, ultimately, the behaviour of the athletes involved are what make the difference.

Incorporating behavioural professionals who bring value through their experience and knowledge, methods, techniques and tools of sports psychology and coaching is undoubtedly the leap forward that the sporting world needs in the 21st century to promote and channel the potential of athletes, coaches, teams and organisations.

Sports psychology and coaching comprises a structured coaching process, facilitated by an accredited professional expert, to develop the potential and performance of athletes, coaches, referees, teams and sporting organisations, to in order to develop the talent of athletes and improve sports organisations.

2. Collaborating organisations

- Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Catalunya
- Club Natación Sant Andreu
- AGRUPA Agrupación Atlética Catalunya – UBAE 
- Club Balonmano Granollers

3. Duration

This master's degree consists of 60 ECTS credits, distributed over two semesters of blended learning, including placements and the master's dissertation (TFM). In the second semester, placements will be carried out at sports organisations, with a tutor from the programme coordination and a tutor from the sports organisation.


  • Fundamentals of Sport Psychology - 15 ECTS
    • Fundamentals of sport psychology
    • Developments and approaches in sport sciences
    • Key psychological processes in individual sports
    • Key psychological processes in groups and organisations
  • Professional Scenarios and Contexts - 6 ECTS
    • Sports for beginners, training, leisure and health
    • Specialised, technical and high-performance sport
  • Sports Psychology and Coaching - 10 ECTS
    • Working models in sports psychology and sports coaching
    • Techniques and tools in coaching psychology
  • Methods and Intervention Techniques - 9 ECTS
    • Performance and health in sport
    • Interventions in individual and team sports
    • Interventions in sports organisations
  • Events: Sports Psychology and Coaching Workshop - 2 ECTS
  • Placements: collaboration agreements with sports organisations - 9 ECTS
  • Dissertation (TFM): End-of-Master’s Project - 9 ECTS


Teaching staff


Classes in the Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching are taught by experts and professionals with proven teaching or professional experience, and who have been chosen for their recognised prestige and specialisation in the field of psychology.

Academic Management

Francisco Solano Romero
Abat Oliba CEU University

Teaching staff

  • Francisco-Solano Romero. Director of the programme. Professor of the Faculty of Psychology at UAO CEU, Professor of Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport at UAO CEU. Degree in Psychology (UCM), specialising in Clinical practice, Organisations and Sport Psychology. Basketball Coach (FEB). Expert psychologist coach accredited by COPC, Senior Coach accredited by AECOP and The Coaches Training Institute ( USA). Member of EMCC, ACPE and AEEB. Former Director of Training and Development of AEEB. Coach professor at ESADE Executive Education. Master's in HR (IE). Consultant in development of individual and team talent in high performance sports and organisation.
  • Elena Ardíaca. Degree in Physical Education, INEF Barcelona. Diploma of Advanced Studies from UB. Head of the Sports Service of UAO CEU. Head of the Healthy University programme at UAO CEU. Teacher of Primary Education and Early Childhood Education. 
  • Sergi Torondel. Degree in Psychology from UB. Postgraduate in Sports Psychology and Coaching UAO CEU – COPC. Master’s in General Health Psychology. Member of ACPE. Professor of Psychology of Physical Activity and Sports with the Faculty of Psychology at UAO CEU. 
  • Alejandro Gordillo. Degree in Psychology from UAB. Professor of Psychology, INEF Lleida. Master's in Sport Psychology, UAB. Founding member of ACPE and of the editorial board of the journal Psicología del Deporte.
  • Enrique Cantón. PhD in Psychology. Sports Psychologist. Professor at the University of Valencia. Coordinator of the Sports Psychology Division of the General Council of Psychology. President of Sports Psychology of the Official College of Psychology of Valencia. Director of Master’s in Sports Psychology, COP Valencia.
  • Eduardo Amblar. Degree in Psychology (US). Master’s in Sports Psychology, UAB. Postgraduate in Psychology of Sports Initiation from UAB. PhD courses in Human Learning at UAB. Sports psychologist with the Psychology Service of the High Performance Centre (CAR) in Sant Cugat. 
  • Beatriz Galilea. Degree in Psychology. Postgraduate degree in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology, UB. Master’s in Sports Psychology and Physical Activity, UAB. Director of the Psychology Department of the Sports Medicine Centre of the Blume Residence, Catalan Sports Council. 
  • Ana Merayo. PhD in Psychology. Master's in Socio-educational Family Therapy. Master’s in Sports Psychology, UAB. Head of the Tutoring and Psychology Service at FC Barcelona. Lecturer in Sport Psychology. CAFE URLL. Teacher at the Catalan School of Sport.
  • César Fernández. Degree in Psychology. ICF and AECOP certified coach, former president of ICF Spain. Associate Professor at UAB. Organisational psychologist. 
  • Meritxell Obiols. PhD in Education Sciences. Postgraduate degree in Emotional Education from UB. Sports Coach. ICF and AECOP certified coach.
  • Josep Campos. PhD in Sports and Physical Activity Sciences. Degree in Physical Education and National Tennis Coach. Expert member of the International Tennis Federation. Member of the National Teaching and Research Committee of the Royal Tennis Federation. Professor as part of the degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at UdG.
  • Joan Barange. Degree in Psychology. Master’s in Sports Psychology, UAB. Psychologist at Real Club de Tenis Barcelona. Member of the Board of Directors of ACPE.
  • Laura Mari. Degree in Psychology from UB. Master's in Human Resources from EADA. Consultant specialising in emotional intelligence. Sports Psychologist.
  • David Peris. PhD in Psychology. Associate Professor at the University of Valencia, Department of Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Psychology. Vice-president of the Spanish Federation of Sports Psychology. Director and professor of the Master's Degree in Coaching and Leadership at the University of Valencia. Master’s in Coaching Psychology, UNED. 
  • Carles Ventura. PhD in Psychology from UB. Degree in Physical Education, (INEF, UB). Professor of Sport Psychology at INEF Barcelona, Department of Health and Applied Sciences. Member of the Board of Directors of ACPE. 
  • Eugenio A. Pérez. PhD in Psychology (US). Professor at the University of Seville, Dept. of Experimental Psychology, Human Behaviour research group. Sports psychologist. Advisor to the Technical Team of Psychologists of Seville F.C. SAD. Researcher and author.
  • Víctor Lainez. Degree in Medicine, specialising in traumatology. Doctor at CF Badalona (2000-2008) in 2nd Division B. Doctor at Club Joventut de Badalona (2000-2012). Doctor of the Spanish Basketball Federation since 1996. Doctor of the Spanish senior men’s basketball team. 
  • Norma Esteve. Degree in Psychology. Advanced degree in Winter Sports Technician Alpine Skiing (Spanish Federation). National trainer. Advanced Swimming Instructor and Technician (EFN). Alpine skiing and swimming instructor.

Career opportunities


After completing the programme, students will have the specialised training needed to pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Sports psychology units in sporting clubs.
  • Sport psychologists in sports federations.
  • Sporting associations in the area of psychology.
  • Independent professionals working with sportsmen and women, clubs, federations and associations.
  • Teams and networks of specialised professionals.


Abat Oliba CEU University has a close relationship with companies and institutions in the sector. These organisations include:


Fees and scholarships


€ 4,395*

*Price for the 2021-22 academic year


Once you have formalised reservation of your place, the remaining amount can be paid in the following ways:



    A one-off payment entitles you to a discount of 3% on tuition fees.



    In three instalments per year.



    10 instalments with special 0% interest financing with CaixaBank. This also entitles students to a discount of 3% on tuition fees.


    With Banco Santander, CaixaBank, BBVA and Banc Sabadell. This also entitles students to a discount of 3% on tuition fees.



    Students have until 30 June to cancel their reserved place. This way, you can book your place now and be free to cancel if your circumstances change*
    *Deadline for cancelling subject to changes in the official enrolment calendar.


  • Current UAO CEU students or those continuing studies: 20% discount
  • CEU Alumni: 10 % discount


Abat Oliba CEU University
Bellesguard, 30. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. +34 932 540 900

Quality and regulation


Candidates for the master's degree must have an official Spanish university degree or a foreign university degree (equivalent to a Bachelor's or Undergraduate degree in the Anglo-Saxon system) in Psychology, therefore, they must be able to carry out professional activity in an autonomous way.

It is specially designed for those professionals who have a vocation and/or professional experience in the field of sport in any of its related facets (sports for beginners, training, specialisation, high performance, leisure-health) and who need to specialise in the area of management of behaviour in sports, teams and organisations to add greater value to their professional career.

It is also aimed at recent graduates who have a clear vocation and want to focus their careers in people management and need to acquire the practical knowledge to specialise in this field.



The master's degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching at Abat Oliba CEU University is a specialisation and training programme for those looking to practise the profession of sport psychology, in order to carry out multidisciplinary interventions with a systemic overview of sport and athletes.

The programme has a practical focus, based on the fundamentals and methodologies of scientific psychology as applied to the key psychological processes that occur in sport and that influence sporting activity and performance.

Participating in the programme will give you advanced understanding of the various realities of sports, with specialist, up-to-date knowledge in relation to approaches, methodologies, techniques and professional tools. 

The participant will become very familiar with the work and role of a sports psychologist and the challenges and appropriate strategies to support athletes in their development and growth by improving processes and performance.

They will also be able to experience the benefits of working alongside a sports psychologist coach, developing the competencies and skills necessary for professional practice.