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With the master's degree in Law from the Abat Oliba CEU University you will acquire the professional training that prepares you for the legal profession.

Official master's degree in Law
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Official master's degree in Law

Academic Area

Law and Political Science

Length / Credits

16 months




On-site classes

Organised with
Student profile

Graduates in Law.

Admission and Enrolment

The extraordinary admission process is now open. Please contact the Postgraduate Information Service.

Calendar and timetables

From October 2018 to Decembre 2019. Monday to Thursday 16.00 to 20.00 h.

Academic Calendar

We are the private university with more experience in the Law field in Catalonia.

Why study at the UAO CEU?

1. Professionalising nature

Law 34/2006 of 30 October, which regulates the access to the legal professions and to the Court solicitor profession, introduced to the Spanish legal ordinance the demand for an additional professional training, apart from the university training, previous to the registration in the corresponding Professional College.
This additional training consists of taking an entrance exam (authorisation exam) after having passed 60 ECTS credits of training courses accredited by the Law Ministry and 30 ECTS credits of tutored internships.

With a view to adapting to the new Law teaching regulating framework and to preparing for the practice of the Law profession, the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU has considered it convenient, for the sake of a comprehensive training which combines the theoretical and the practical formation, to offer this additional training required by the Law through a professionalising master’s degree, which integrates in the theoretical teaching both those subjects directly related to this profession and especially important subjects (such as deontology, negotiation and formation on the values of equality and respect for the human rights).

2. Experience

We have been training jurists since 1973. We are the private university with more experience in the Law field in Catalonia. 

3. Methodology

This master’s degree combines three simultaneous teaching methodologies: 

  • Lectures given by well-known jurists
  • Discussion seminars on practical cases based on real assumptions
  • Study workshops of practical and communicative abilities and aptitudes
4. Professional development

Real internship programme in important professional firms. Job Listing at a national and international level with more than 2,300 associate businesses with internship offers in more than 20 countries.

5. Faculty

Our faculty is composed by academics, lawyers, magistrates and other professionals of the Law, selected for their careers, prestige and teaching capacities.

6. Employability

The average work placement rate is 95% in the postgraduate studies of the CEU.

7. Information resources

The Library Service is conceived as a support unit for study and research. Its most important objective is to meet the educative and scientific demands. It has convenient opening hours, including weekends, with the best computer equipment. In addition, the UAO CEU offers to all the University community a vast digital storage, with free access to its publications from its docent, research or institutional activities carried out by teachers, students or former students from the University.



The classes of the official master's degree in Law are taught by well-known experts and professionals that have a contrasted teaching and/or professional experience, and have been chosen by their renowned prestige and specialisation in the Law field:

Master's Degree Academic Management

PhD. Christian Herrera Petrus
PhD. in Law from the Universitat of Bolonia. Master of Laws from the University of Columbia (New York). Master of Laws from the University of London. Lawyer and professor of Procedural Law at the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.


Promoting department

Law and Political Sciences Area

Pablo Nuevo Lopez. Constitutional Law Assistant Teacher at UAO CEU.


ICAB Coordination

JesĂșs MarĂ­a SĂĄnchez GarcĂ­a. Lawyer.

Advisory Committee

  • JosĂ© MarĂ­a Fuster Fabra
  • Juan Antonio Roger
  • Isabel Arias


  • Jordi AgustĂ­. Magistrate of the Supreme Court.
  • Juan Antonio PĂ©rez RivarĂ©s. Partner of UrĂ­a & MenĂ©ndez.
  • Christian Herrera Petrus. Partner of Herrera Abogados.
  • Enrique Rovira del Canto. Magistrate of the Provincial Audience of Barcelona.
  • Ignacio Ripol Carulla. Partner of Overseas Law Practice.
  • Carlos PĂ©rez del Valle. Chair of Criminal Law at the UAO CEU. Ex attorney of the Supreme Court.
  • JosĂ© AndrĂ©s Rozas ValdĂ©s. Chair (accredited) of Financial and Tax Law at the UB.
  • JosĂ© MarĂ­a Fuster-Fabra. Partner founder of Fuster-Fabra Lawyers.
  • Juan Antonio Roger Gamir. Foro Legal.
  • Jacinto Gimeno ValentĂ­n-Gamazo. Lawyer.
  • Carmen Parra RodrĂ­guez. Professor of International Law at the UAO CEU.
  • Jorge BuxadĂ© Villalba. State lawyer.
  • Isabel Arias DĂ­ez. Tornos Lawyers.
  • JosĂ© MarĂ­a RojĂ­. Partner of CMS Albiñana & SuĂĄrez de Lezo.
  • Adolfo Lucas Esteve. Professor of Civil Law at the UAO CEU and substitute magistrate of the provincial audience of Barcelona.
  • MÂȘ JesĂșs Pesqueira Zamora. Professor of Procedural Law at the UAO CEU and substitute magistrate of the provincial audience of Barcelona.
  • AgustĂ­n del RĂ­o. Partner CMS Albiñana & SuĂĄrez de Lezo.
  • Enrique Bacigalupo. Magistrate of the Supreme Court.
  • Mario Huerga. Partner PiquĂ© Abogados Asociados.
  • Pablo Llarena. President of the Provincial Audience of Barcelona.
  • Pablo Nuevo LĂłpez. Constitutional Law Assistant Teacher at UAO CEU.
  • Javier Vidal-Quadras. Partner of Amat & Vidal-Quadras.
  • Alfonso del Castillo. Cuatrecasas.
  • JesĂșs SĂĄnchez. Lawyer.
  • Oriol Rusca. Lawyer.
  • Jenifer Lahoz. Lawyer.
  • Álex Farreres. Partner of UrĂ­a & MenĂ©ndez.
  • CĂ©sar Rivera. Partner of Cuatrecasas & Gonçalves Pereira.
  • Jordi Bertomeu GarcĂ­a. Lawyer.
  • Enrique GarcĂ­a Echegoyen. Lawyer.
  • Marcos Espuny Garrigues. Lawyer.
  • Sue de Antonio. State lawyer
  • Ignacio Benejam. Lawyer ofRousaud Costas Duran
  • AsunciĂłn Castillo. Lawyer of AAMC Abogados
  • Ezequiel Miranda. CortĂ©s Lawyers
  • Enrique Rovira del Canto. Magistrate of the Provincial Audience of Barcelona
  • JosĂ© Luis del Olmo. Professor of Marketing and Commercial Management at the UAO CEU.




Students who obtain the "official master's degree in Law by the Abat Oliba CEU University" can pursue careers in the Law field.


  • AAMC Abogados
  • AGM Abogados
  • AlbĂĄcar – Clusa & Asociados Abogados
  • Amat & Vidal-Quadras
  • Arraut & Asociados
  • Bassas  Advocats
  • B. Alemany Punyet
  • Baker & Mckenzie Barcelona
  • Blas de Lezo Abogados
  • Bufet Garcia Coca – Abogados
  • Bufet Miralbell Guerin
  • Bufet Sorroca Serrano
  • Bufete Carreras Llansana
  • Bufete De Abogados Fuentes Lojo
  • Bufete Diaz Arias
  • Bufete de Mier Abogados
  • Bufete Escura
  • Cabades – Valls. Notarios Asociados
  • Clifford Chance
  • CMS Albiñana & SuĂĄrez de Lezo
  • ComissiĂł JurĂ­dica Assessora - Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young S.L
  • Foro Legal
  • FrĂŒbeck Abogados-Economistas
  • Fuster-Fabra Abogados
  • Garrigues
  • Gay Vendrell Advocats
  • GĂłmez-Acebo & Pombo
  • Harboury Legal & Business Services
  • Herrera Advocats
  • Il·lustre Col·legi d’Advocats de Barcelona (ICAB)
  • JoaquĂ­n Tornos Abogados Asociados
  • Landwell, Abogados Asesores Fiscales
  • KPMG
  • Manubens Advocats
  • Martell Abogados
  • Miralbell Guerin
  • Monereo Meyer Marinel-lo Abogados
  • Molins & Silva
  • Mullerat Advocats
  • Munne Muñoz-Sabate Advocats Dret Privat
  • Notaria Belloch & De Dueñas
  • Perez Llorca
  • Roca Junyent
  • Ros Procuradores
  • Rousaud Costas Duran
  • Trias De Bes y Vidal-Quadras Abogados y Asesores Tributarios
  • UrĂ­a MenĂ©ndez

Prices and scholarships




Once you have made a reservation, the payment of the rest of the registration fee can be carried out in one of the following methods:

single payment

This method involves a 3% discount on the enrolment fees.

instalment payment

50% at the time of enrolment and 50% in January.

monthly payment

10 instalments with special financing at 0% interest with Banc Sabadell (Check opening charges).

other payment methods

With Banco Santander, "la Caixa", Catalunya Caixa, BBVA and Banc Sabadell. This method also involves a 3% discount on the enrolment fees.


Postgraduate and University Extension
Bellesguard, 30. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 253 72 03

Quality and regulations


Students wishing to apply for the official master’s degree in Law must have a Spanish degree or advanced course or a foreign degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in the Anglo-Saxon system.

This profile includes:

  • Graduates in Law

Previous experience in the field of Law is not required for this teaching programme. Instead, it intends to provide a complete training for the student, progressive and efficient.


The official master’s degree in Law is aimed at training professionals who will be able to work at a high level in the lawyer practice and its several pre-contentious and contentious specialties, as well as in the legal advice of companies and several types of organisations. For this purpose, this master has the following specific objectives:

  • Acquiring knowledge and competences to apply the European Law in the practice of Advocacy framework, in Spain and at international level.
  • Knowing how to apply the Spanish legal ordinance and carrying out the duties of consultancy, defence, indictment, mediation or equivalent legal functions.
  • Developing analytical and negotiating skills in the resolution of controversies.
  • Having domain of the strategies in the procedure to the optimisation of results.
  • Knowing the procedural legislation and evaluating, criticising, discussing, working out and exposing the legal proposals in relation to real assumptions.
  • Learning all the basic skills to manage the professional offices.
  • Knowing the deontology of Law.