Fecha: Monday, 22 de October de 2018 a las 16:15h

Official poster for the XXI Drac Novell International

Advertising Business Association and the University Abat Oliba CEU, have selected the new official poster of the 21st edition that will take place on the 29th and 30th of November. The contest’s commission has chosen a design, consisting in a digital fingerprint and the slogan Creative ID-Entity, created by students José Benito and Diogo Brandau.

The digital fingerprint combines blue, yellow and orange on a white background. The slogan Creative ID-Entity is a pun characteristic for the advertisement genre written in all capital letters.

The Drac Novell is the only festival worldwide dedicated exclusively to students and graduates in publicity and communication. This contest is promoted by the Asociación Empresarial de Publicidad, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of Complot Escuela de Creatividad.

For this edition a new category has been created under the name ‘Valores Humanos UAO CEU’. This initiative has as goal the elaboration and creation of advertising pieces destined to the transmission of human values, social improvements, etcetera.

The Abat Oliba University CEU that previously organized the event in 2004, and responsible of the next two editions, has offered their facilities, including classrooms and the Aula Magna, for the celebration of the award show.

Written by Paula Gómez, student of Journalism

Drac Novell