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  • Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

The CYD ranking places our university in the high-performance group regarding spin-off creation

The Universitat has qualified to be on the high-performance group on several categories of the university ranking CYD 2017, especially regarding international guidance and knowledge transfer.

On the knowledge transfer aspect, this ranking recognises the outstanding position of our university in the “spin-off” chapter, which is measured with the number of spin-offs created in the last 3 years divided by the Teaching and Researching Staff. Another aspect related to the knowledge transfer field is the chapter “admittance to continuous training”. Our University also stands out in this aspect as a high-performance group. This category is measured by the income generated from Continuous Training activities. These two aspects, spin offs and continuous training, are proof of the connection between our university and the trends of the professional world.

Regarding internationalisation, there are also items in which the Universitat ranks as a high-performance group, and that is thanks to faculty and students. Our university is on the top level in “student mobility” and in “foreign faculty”. The first of these two aspects shows the ratio between degree and master’s degree students in exchange programmes abroad and the total of enrolled students. The category “foreign faculty” is established depending on the ratio between the Teaching and Researching Staff with other nationalities other than Spanish and the total staff.

In addition, the Universitat appears in the group of universities that stand out because of their graduation rate. The university ranking CYD 2017, made by the foundation Conocimiento y Desarrollo, has evaluated 69 universities in 17 knowledge fields, and has established differences among them depending on their teaching orientation, research tasks, knowledge transfer, internationalisation and regional contribution.