• Comienza: Thursday, 25 de January de 2018 a las 09:00h
  • Finaliza: Friday, 26 de January de 2018 a las 20:00h

  • Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

V International Congress “Word in Education”

Our University will celebrate the 5th edition of the International Congress “Word in Education”, an educational meeting among experts of different countries to reclaim the worth of words and literature as tools with pedagogical value.

This year, the congress has the title “Central role of narration in the educational context”. Stories have been used for centuries to transmit knowledge, since it is an easy way to remember and understand. For this reason, the congress will cover the narration in the educative context, in order to shed some light on the educative value of narration.

This meeting is framed within the activities organised by TRIVIUM, the emerging group “Familia, educación y escuela inclusive” of our Universitat. This group tries to provide an integral analysis of the educative framework in order to propose, based on general fundamentals, solutions to specific educative problems. This way, the model includes psychological, philosophical, pedagogical, and/or linguistic points of view.