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UNESCO Chair on Peace, Solidarity and Intercultural Dialog

  • Vision

    Among the activities included in the program of action of the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures, the internationalization of research is highlighted, specially to promote knowledge and understanding of the conditions that foster the rapprochement of cultures and the promotion of human rights.

    In this line, the UNESCO Chair on Peace, Solidarity and Intercultural Dialogue, which was created in 2017, shall promote the research with the purpose of analyzing the added value of peace as the first pillar of the United Nations and one of the main objectives of UNESCO. The positive notion of peace, which is connected to the promotion and protection of human rights and development, should become a living notion to be used by the different United Nations agencies and its specialized organizations on the field.

  • Objectives

    Development objective: contribution to overall development goals taking into consideration social, economic and cultural progress

    • To support the Program of Action of the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures;
    • To analyze the peace programs elaborated by the entities of the United Nations;
    • To create networks and platforms based on multicultural programs with universities and civil society;
    • To support Sustainable Development Goalse.

    Specific objectives

    • Design, implementation and monitoring of actions about social, economic and cultural projects;
    • Implementation of Educational Programs to implement the principles of Sustainable Development Goals;
    • Promotion of the principles of the peace program through publications and participation in international events;
    • Promotion of the principles of the peace program through strategies of communication and new technologies.

  • II Training on Human Rights and Peace of the United Nations. 29-31 Juanary 2018. Geneva (Switzerland).
  • Training on Human Rights and Peace for Law and International Relations students from the University Abat Oliba CEU, Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland), March 2017. 
  • Lecture on Human Rights and Peace in the context of the United Nations, School of Law, University Abat Oliba CEU, 31 September 2017.
  • Introduction to the Peace and Human Rights agenda within the United Nations
  • Conference on Nationality and Foreign People  (November 2017)
  • "Holistic communication" course organized at the Peruvian consulate( November  2017)
  • III Volunteer course in collaboration with the “Aste association” (November 2018)
  • Course of communication and social networks for adolescents at the Consulate of Peru  (January 2018)
  • Introduction Course for Sustainable Goals Development for the staff of the Federico Ozanam Foundation (June 2018)
Participation in events
Organization of event


Ongoing projects

Researching the United Nations’ peace agenda: exploring contributions across the system

Addressing the underlying causes of conflict is key for charting new avenues for the peace agenda of the United Nations. This is the ambition of a major research project being conducted by UNESCO jointly with the Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona (Spain) since 2015 on “Progress and Challenges for the Peace Agenda of United Nations entities after 70 years of the creation of the United Nations: a reflection in the context of the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures”, which aims at analyzing how the UN system has contributed to the promotion of peace over the past seventeen years.

This project has so far brought together over 30 UN agencies in two consultative meetings in Geneva, in June 2016 and in New York in December 2016, in order to look at the contribution of the UN system to the promotion of peace, focusing on past, present and future perspectives of the UN peace agenda. It also brings together an International Steering Committee of eminent scholars and peace activists from around the world.

This project offers a valuable opportunity to look at the UN’s response to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as the building blocks for lasting peace, while giving a fresh boost to the ongoing International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022).




  • Peace Studies
  • Studies on SDG
  • Management Team
    1. Carmen Parra Rodriguez
    2. Rogelio García Contreras
    3. Karina Gatica Chandía
    4. Andreu Barrabino
  • Collaborative team
    1. Christian Guillermet
    2. David Fernandez Puyana
    3. Yolanda Cruz López
    4. Marc Perelló
    5. Silvia Loewe
    6. Sandra Fuentes
  • Advisory Board


  • Ángel Herrera Oria Award (course 2016/2017) for the best student “Master's degree in Management and Communication of Social and Solidarity Entities, “Sara García Escribano.
  • Award of Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona award 2018. Honorary Distinction for the best Master Project of social activities presented by Laura Busto López entitled: "The cooperative as an asset to conservation and local development" (Course 2017/2018)
  • Award for teaching innovation project for "Educar la Mirada" (course 2017/2018)
  • Award for the best solidary short film awarded by the Unesco Chair "Peace, Solidarity and Intercultural Dialogue.  Titled “The Box
  • Best Paper in Stream “ Social Innovation & Food” : “Digital Platforms: A new toos to Figth Againts Food waste” presentado en el ISIRC 2018