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The Abat Oliba CEU University is not reduced to presenting an excellent academic offer; it also provides the chance of receiving a complete training.

About us
More than 40 years of history
Welcome from the Rector

Abat Oliba CEU University is among the three universities under the signature of the CEU educational group. This origin gives meaning to the project of a complete campus community, understood as an environment that favours intellectual and personal development of all its members, encouraging their curiosity for knowledge and fosters their commitment to the common good. We are also a young university ā€”just turned 15 as a private universityā€” but also one that treasures more than four decades of experience within the Catalan university system. This makes us both crucial and experimented.

At Abat Oliba CEU University, we live our ideals intensely, such being teaching innovation, personalised attention to students, applied knowledge and continuous assessment proclaimed by the European Higher Education Area. This formula is possible thanks to a palpable reality in campus life: people matter the most. Students are our priority: their expectations, their personal development, their vital goal. Tutoring is a good example of it, a method through which we accompany and coach students professionally and academically from the first to the final year.

To us, allowing students to regard the University as a medium of their initiatives is strategic. Some of our signature activities at Abat Oliba CEU are driven by its students: the GoliADs UAO CEU Awards, the Barcelona Thinking Challenge or the Annual Conferences on Psychology, all of them good evidence of it. Students who believe in and fight for their ideas will find a good ally in the institution.

In this sense, all University members comprehend that openness is the best way to set this understanding with students. On the one hand, professional and business projection, a connexion that is directly brought to life through the best job locations and that also allows aligning specialisation suggestions with market trends. On the other hand, Abat Oliba CEU grows bigger with a network of partnerships with more than 100 hundred universities and centres in more than 20 different countries.

All the above refers to the kind of students we wish to train: people with sense of common good, who own a global vision and are able, not only to adapt to changes, but also to create them in favour of a better society.


Eva Perez MuƱoz
Rector of the Abat Oliba CEU University