About us
More than 40 years of history
Welcome from the Rector

The Abat Oliba CEU University of Barcelona is one of the three universities promoted by the San Pablo CEU Foundation, inspired by the Catholic Association of Propagandists. For this very reason and since its founding, our university’s main aspiration and determination is to create a university community in the full sense of the word: a community of knowledge capable of providing our society with professionals who have academic excellence criteria and who will implicate themselves in the common good and the search for the truth.

From its foundation in 2003, the Abat Oliba CEU University has wanted to adapt its planning and resources to the demands of the European Higher Education Area, assuming the challenge of anticipating and including in its study plans some aspects that would have to be necessarily incorporated with the introduction of the new Degrees. Therefore, in our university, we have been familiar with the permanent connection between teachers and students, the working methods, the continuous evaluation and the introduction of innovative teaching resources for many years.

This hasn’t prevented us from emphasizing our determination in the instruments that have always characterized the CEU university institutions. In particular, we have wanted to provide our students’ tutorial sessions with their own criteria as a means of academic guidance, as well as a way to deepen the comprehensive intellectual education of the students with the sights set on their professional future.

For this very reason, our students have the opportunity to do internships in the most prestigious companies, offices and institutions in Barcelona, and can be part of a university with international presence through agreements that allow them to study in other European and American universities.

The Abat Oliba CEU University doesn’t just provide an excellent academic offer, but also provides the student with the chance to receive an invaluable integral formation that will prepare him to properly face his professional and personal challenges with his own solid criteria.

Carlos Pérez del Valle
Rector of the Abat Oliba CEU University