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To help you build credibility with professionals in your sector, the CEU Universities have implemented an innovation in their Bachelor's degree that allows you to share your skills on your professional social media sites. These are Microcredentials, the qualifications of the future.



The world needs more than a degree

If your qualification is a requirement, skills can set you apart and make you the ideal candidate for a company. So making your skills visible is key.

In addition to gaining your Bachelor's degree, as a UAO CEU student you acquire a series of personal and professional skills that are in high demand by future employers and that give you added value in the competitive and demanding labour market.


What is a microcredential?

  • A microcredential is a digital qualification that recognises and accredits a learned skill.
  • Its aim is to provide visibility among employers in the labour market.
  • It provides security to the employer, who with one click can see the experiences that underpin these skills.

UAO CEU Microcredentials

The UAO CEU Microcredentials Ecosystem includes all the skills you can gain during your time at the University.

The Ecosystem is made up of 21st-century skills structured along six axes:

Rueda microcredenciales

21st-century skills

Las soft skills que te ayudarán a encontrar trabajo

Ethical commitment

These skills are linked to ethical commitment, social awareness, civic responsibility and sensitivity to the environment, which the University promotes and certifies.



These include the skills that guarantee the ability to apply the scientific method in a given area of knowledge to ensure the progress of society.

Competencias instrumentales

Instrumental skills

These are skills that enable higher quality work through the use of a range of tools and resources: information, digital and language skills.



These are the skills needed to be able to cope in a globalized world.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills

These are personal skills that go beyond knowledge and that make the difference between professionals.

Ser Profesional

Being professional

These are the skills that enable adequate immersion in various organizational contexts and allow integration into the labour market.


How do I get UAO CEU microcredentials?

By taking part in various learning experiences provided by the University:
  • University sports competitions
  • Students club: Entrepreneurs club, Debating Society.
  • Entrepreneurship events
  • Debating Society tournaments
  • Taking part in a communication workshop
  • UAO CEU theatre
  • University choir
  • Coordinating and/or participating in local socio-charitable projects promoted by the Pastoral and/or Volunteering Service
  • Career Guidance Days
  • Student Mentoring Program
  • Student Council (course delegates)

How are they issued?

  • The University issues microcredentials using Open Badges V 3.0 technology through the Badgr.com platform

How are they shared?

  • UAO CEU microcredentials are created using Open Badges technology through the world-leading platform Badgr.com.
  • You can include them on your LinkedIn profile, your webpage, your CV or those pages or profiles where you are working professionally.

Which UAO CEU microcredentials can I get?

The University awards these credentials in the following skills:
  • Self-knowledge
  • Personal growth
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Solidarity
  • Entrepreneurship

If you are a student, consult your intranet for more information about how to get Microcredentials.