Fecha: Friday, 22 de December de 2017 a las 12:15h

Health Psychology in an completely assistance environment

There is an important novelty in the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology this year. From now on, the master’s degree will be taught for the first time in the recently opened Therapeutic Unit for Psychological Assistance at the University, which will allow lectures to be carried out in a context of complete assistance. The Unit is located within the Sagrat Cor University Hospital facilities, which belong to Quirón Salud group.

The start-up of this Unit implies a qualitative leap in the field of Psychology of our university. What it has been created is a space where teaching, research and welfare activity meet. And this is the environment where the Master’s degree in General Health Psychology is set.

As well as providing an ideal space for the application of knowledge, the Therapeutic Unit is in itself a model of knowledge transfer from the University to the society, since it has a wide offer of welfare services.

Inside the field of Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry, they offer treatment to the following disorders: anxiety, affective, adjustment, personality, mental and attention-deficit hyperactivy. In this area, it also stands out the fact that they have green light to research and treat new technology addictions.

In the field of Psychiatry and Children and Teenager Psychology, they offer assistance to treat neurodevelopmental, emotional and behaviour disorders, in addition to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Furthermore, the Unit will provide services in areas that range from neuropsychology, psycho-oncology, family therapy, forensic psychiatry and psychology, dog-assisted therapy and online therapy.

The added value that this Unit will provide to all this activity is the connection between teaching and investigation. In this regard, besides the implementation of Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology, it is noteworthy that clinical supervision will be provided to professionals. Moreover, the Unit is connected to a PhD program in health and clinical psychology, and it is expected that specialised courses will be given, such as the Personality Disorder one.

The Therapeutic Unit for Psychological Assistance is run by psychologist and Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology manager, Monserrat Giner, and supported by health psychologist Simón García-Ventura.