Fecha: Monday, 31 de July de 2017 a las 15:00h

Opened a new Therapeutic Unit of Psychological Assistance

The Universitat has opened the new facilities of the Therapeutic Unit of Psychological Assistance, whose headquarters are in the Hospital Sagrat Cor (Quirón Salud).

This opening represents a step forward in the projection of the Psychology studies, especially the master’s degree in General Health Psychology. This master, thanks to the inauguration of this unit, will be able to develop in an environment entirely clinical.
As its name indicates, the assistance aspect is crucial in the creation of the unit, in which there will be services of psychiatric and psychological aid, either for adults, and children and young adults, as well as services of psycho-neurology and psycho-gerontology.

Research and new intervention approaches will be some of the aspects that will be developing in this new centre. It is also expected to carry out online therapies with Skype, and the creation of a specialised unit on treating addictions to new technologies. Also, specialists working in the unit will supervise our young psychologists.

Summing up, the Therapeutic Unit of Psychological Assistance represents a clear example of transference between the University and the professional world, since it allows the University to project its potential in the Psychology area into the care and research fields, in a constant collaboration with the teaching field.

Therapeutic Unit of Psychological Assistance