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The Abat Oliba CEU University offers the degree un Psychology with internships in companies, schools and hospitals. More than 70% of our teachers are working professionals.

Degree in Psychology
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Course title

Degree in Psychology

Academic field



Official stamp of quality – AQU

Duration / Credits / Places

4 years / 240 ECTS /
90 places


86.7% (AQU employability survey 2017)

Student profile

Students must have an interest in how the mind functions and working with people.

Admission and enrolment

Application is via the website and documentation and enrolment formalisation is at the University.

Calendar and timetable

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More than 70% of the faculty are active professionals who specialise in the subject they teach.


1. Employability

86.7% of our students find work after finishing their studies, 5 percentage points above the average for Catalan universities (AQU employability survey 2017).

2. Course satisfaction

87.7% of our students are satisfied with their Psychology studies, the second-highest level out of all Catalan universities (AQU 2017). 14 points higher than the Catalan university average.

3. Methodology

A teaching model based on practical and individualised training that allows students to link theoretical knowledge with professional practice through real internships in companies, schools, hospitals and daycare centres, as well as workshops and practical seminars. More than 15 years of experience forming experts in psychology.

It promotes an active, entrepreneurial attitude among students, like the creation of Grupo Psykhé. The group organises the Annual Day of Psychology Students, in which, through different subject areas, students present a project or study they have created during their degree to the public. This reinforces early research work and valuable experience for public presentations.

4. Therapeutic Assistance Unit

Students in their third and fourth year of the Psychology Degree attend psychopathology sessions from the Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology. Taught in UAO CEU's Therapeutic Assistance Unit at the Sagrat Cor University Hospital (part of the QuirĂłnsalud group), it gives students the chance to attend and supervise clinical sessions with real patients.

5. Alumno interno investigador

Con la creación de esta figura, se permite a los estudiantes realizar funciones de apoyo a la investigación y aplicar su conocimiento, ya sea en equipos universitarios o dentro de centros hospitalarios, como ya sucede en varios hospitales de Cataluña.

6. MenciĂłn optativa

Specialised training in the most high-demand areas of professional psychology:

  • Mention in Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Mention in Developmental and Educational Psychology
7. CEU ePlus skills programme

A teaching model based on practical, personalised education that links theory to professional practice through case studies and real experiences, workshops and practical seminars.

It includes visits to national and international companies and production centres through internships.

8. Progressive International Development

A new plan that encourages students from all degrees to think internationally from their first year to their fourth, with:

  • international collaboration activities
  • academic exchanges for faculty and students
  • participation in international research projects
  • short or long stays in foreign universities
9. Complete programme

The Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology prepares students to work in this qualified and regulated profession as a private practitioner or as part of the healthcare system.


Careers and internships 


Students who earn the Official Degree in Psychology from Abat Oliba CEU University can pursue their careers in the following areas:

  • public and private hospitals, clinics and health centres
  • educational centres
  • assistance centres (marginalised groups, integration, etc.)
  • courts and criminal institutions
  • psychology and speech therapy offices
  • teaching and research


In the final year of the degree, students will do an obligatory placement year, or internship, in businesses, offices or institutions in the student's preferred industry.

These practical training programmes, included in the course structure, allow students to apply and enhance what they've learned in the course while acquiring the professional skills that will make their future transition to the workplace much easier.

The work that each student will undertake during the programme will be mutually agreed between the tutor in the business and the Work Placement and Employment Service coordinator in charge of the internship.

Furthermore, students have an academic tutor who provides follow-up and evaluation of the internship to get the most possible out of the placement.

For more information, visit the Work Placement and Employment Service.

  • List of companies
  • Further information and contact

International outlook 


*: Places are split between different courses.

Fees and funding




You can reserve your place at Abat Oliba CEU University by paying €1,500 (discounted from the total cost of the course). This guarantees your place while you complete other entry requirements.


Once the place has been reserved, the remaining amount can be paid in the following ways:

  • Single payment

    The single payment method features a 3% enrolment discount.

  • Payment in instalments

    In 5 instalments per academic year.


  • Monthly payment

    In 10 instalments with special-offer 0% interest, no arrangement fee financing. These also include a 3% enrolment discount.

  • Financing agreements

    With Banco Santander, CaixaBank, BBVA and Banc Sabadell. These also include a 3% enrolment discount.


Please contact the Information Service to arrange personalised economic plans.
Tel. +34 932 53 72 00

Quality and regulation


Students must have an interest in how the mind functions and working with people. Similarly, they must have a good understanding of biology and science, interest in the latest basics of human life; the ability to analyse and identify problems and propose solutions. Furthermore, they must be able to analyse, summarise and work in a team, understand and abstract ideas, express ideas clearly, be social, broaden their world view and have a perspective on their own possible evolution. They must also have an interest in people's well-being and respect for their inalienable dignity.

Knowledge of another language (preferably English) is desired and required, as is a flair for communication.


  • To gain a solid understanding of the historical, philosophical, methodological, biological, systematic and evolutionary basics of psychology.
  • To gain a solid understanding of health psychology and the rare and pathological variants of psychological life.
  • To gain a full understanding of different psychological evaluation, diagnostic and treatment methods in applied areas of psychology.
  • To gain an education, inspired by Christian humanism, that searches for the truth and encourages a personal commitment to the human dignity of individuals and the common good.
  • To be able to understand, evaluate, critique and argue theoretical and practical approaches to psychology and ethics.
  • To develop habits of reasoning, debating and researching in psychology, as well as communicating knowledge clearly and concisely.
  • To develop psychological evaluation and intervention abilities in the main areas of the profession, in collaboration with others.
  • To become a responsible and diligent psychologist who works for the good of people and institutions within a framework of professional ethics.